This has become one of our great fundraisers at LifeLine!  We encourage our churches to use these baby bottles for their congregation to take home, fill with change, cash or checks, return to the church and then to be returned to LifeLine as a way of financial support.  It is so simple and almost everyone in the church family can fill a bottle in some way.


LifeLine will supply all the bottles to the church.  All we ask of the churches is that they distribute them and remind the people to return them on the pre determined date.  We suggest that the best time to distribute the bottles is during the Sanctity of Life Sunday in January but it can be done at other times during the year as well.  The campaign needs to have an end date so about a month is good to give people plenty of time to fill their bottles.


Please contact us for more information about this mighty powerful way to help LifeLine reach more women and men and save more babies!