At LifeLine Pregnancy Help Center, our staff and trained Client Consultants review an options education worksheet with clients during the time a pregnancy test is administered. This informs clients regarding their options:

  1. Abortion Education
    Including fetal development, abortion procedures, emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical risks,
  2. Adoption Education
    Which helps them to consider providing stability and security through a semi-open or open adoption plan through an adoption agency in our State.
  3. Parenting Education
    Which summarizes importance of parental responsibilities, steps and goals for future to provide stability and security for themselves and their children.


Our medical staff provides free limited ultrasounds that allow a new mother to connect with her unborn baby for the first time. According to national statistics, if a woman finds her way to a local pregnancy center first, an ultrasound will encourage her to make a life-affirming decision 80% of the time. If her first stop is an abortion clinic, she will choose abortion 80% of the time. Our goal and responsibility is to reach her first with the love and truth of Christ so she can choose life for herself and her baby.