Earn While You Learn

Our Earn While You Learn program at LifeLine helps equip new moms and dads with everything they'll need to know before baby comes. The purpose of our program is to promote and support their emotional, spiritual, and personal growth as well as a healthy pregnancy and birth. The program covers topics that include: prenatal care, labor and delivery, nutrition and breast feeding. Our classes also include parenting and life skill responsibilities as we work with our clients until their baby is two years old. Clients schedule appointments and come in on a weekly basis for their class. While the clients learn, they also earn “Points” which they can use in our beautiful Baby Boutique.

Sexual Integrity

We are so pleased to offer this fertility education to clients. We know the impact good information can have on our health, our decisions, and our sexuality. We truly believe that we will start seeing changes in the women we serve when we begin to tell them the truth about their bodies. This series of lessons includes God’s plan for True Reproductive Health and also uncovers false Reproductive “Health”.

Dads Matter

Our Dads Matter program is designed specifically for men and the role they play in the pregnancy/parenting process. We use material developed by Earn While You Learn. One module series is titled Practical Fatherhood and it covers about 10 lessons. The other module series is titled Authentic Manhood and it has about 10 lessons as well. The dads who participate in this program meet with a male volunteer who has had our volunteer training. They also earn “Points” that can be used in the Baby Boutique as well.